What is Popcorn Time VPN?

Popcorn Time is an amazing app that gives you access to video content ad-free. PT is quite similar to Netflix, except that it can be used for watching pirated films. It’s a BitTorrent client that features a player for downloaded torrent files. The PT client is cross-platform and completely free but inaccessible from certain countries. For this reason, you should combine it with a reliable Popcorn Time VPN. It’s a simple VPN to unblock the client and keep your provider from sticking its nose into your business.

Why do you require a VPN for PT?

You use PT for streaming films

Not all movies in the PT library are pirated, but the majority certainly is. The moment you finish watching the film, the PT app will start seeding the files from your PC so that other users could watch them too. The problem is that the content you’re about to share is most likely protected by copyright laws, so you may end up fined or even imprisoned. If you’d like to keep watching movies for free, keep your provider and government away from your data with a VPN, enjoying any movie through PT with no risks of getting into trouble.

PT is unavailable in some places

The PT client may simply be unavailable in your area, and for a good reason – violating copyright laws is a no-no. When you go web surfing through secure channels, your real location and IP are out of reach. This creates a safe data exchange between your PC and the PT server, and since you basically ‘invisible,’ the geoblock won’t bother you.

Your connection speed may actually be lower than it should

It’s no secret that ISPs are tracking traffic. When you need high bandwidth, the provider prevents your network from increasing the speed. This means that every time you download movies via BitTorrent or watch videos while streaming, your ISP intentionally cripples your connection.
Want to get the full speed as was promised upon signing the contract? Make sure your business is away from prying eyes with a VPN service. Since nobody will be able to track your activity when a VPN is enabled, the ISP will simply not know what you’re doing, so you can stream videos and download files at full speed.
When you’re opting to use a VPN, your identity is hidden behind a ‘mask,’ so nobody can see you doing things the authorities would want you to do. Any information your PC sends out there is encrypted. This information is very difficult to break, which automatically makes it nearly impossible to track or modify. When you watch movies on your PT player using a VPN, your ISP can’t see which movies you’re streaming from your device, so there will be no legal consequences.